The end times apostasy from the Lord Jesus Christ is fostered by Satan promoting various occult methods to try and foretell the future: gemetria, bible codes, numerics, and extra-biblical practices. 

Satan's religious apostasy, spearheaded by Rome, can be broken down into three elements that work together to steer believers away from a godly Bible based faith in God.







Faith removed from a true 'biblical foundation' can produce only a falsified faith. (Thus Satan places so much importance on replacing the Holy Bible with adulterated bibles.) The original definition of 'biblical' meaning 'given forth by the Holy Scriptures' today has been altered to include clever arguments based on man's imagination and reasoning abilities. Eve being lured by the illusion that she could become 'wise' by her going outside the truth in pursuit of knowledge plunged the whole world under the power of sin and death. By leaving the first principles of wisdom 'the fear of the Lord' and 'faith in His Word' mankind was left to flounder in darkness, decay, and death. The Lord Jesus Christ to counter and redeem man from mankind's own wickedness of unbelief and rebellion gave Himself upon the cross (To cleanse us from sin.) and then sent His Holy Spirit (The Spirit of Truth.) to establish the Church - free from that darkness of unbelief and error.

No doctrine can be considered 'biblical' or binding on Christians if such wasn't taught by way of the Holy Spirit's instructions as given first of all to the Church in the {NT} New Testament; (AKJV) and second the NT contextually dependent {OT} Old Testament. The old covenant was done away by the promise of a better covenant and so the Old Testament's purpose is explained by the Holy Spirit's revelations as given under the NT.

A doctrine (or tradition) lacking any definitive backing in the New Testament cannot be considered 'Christian' or 'biblical' when it has no real foundation there to start with. Nor can OT practices be brought in to subvert, supplant, or compliment the Lord's commandments given to His Church under the NT. The preponderance of 'extra-biblical' doctrines today (revelations) masquerading as 'biblical' without a single solitary verse to back them up has become a major end time plague of horrific proportions. In addition there are many 'non-biblical' doctrines built up upon private interpretations of one, or two, etc. verses and/or based on verses used out of context. In addition Satan's apocryphal and pseudepigrahical writings and extra-biblical Jewish mystical beliefs are now being slipped in like a hallucinogenic drug into the Churches' water supply. These curious doctrines produce an 'adulterated faith' (confused spiritual state) which is the mainstay of 'apostasy'.

It is written:

The just shall live by faith.

Going outside of the truth of God's Word in an attempt to understand truth is like unto a man stepping into quicksand hoping to get a better view of the forest.


For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. . .
1 Samuel 15:23a

Rebellion is simply trying to do things differently from that already given by commandment of the Lord. Aaron's two sons rejected the fire given by the Lord (A type of the Holy Spirit.) to instead offer up 'strange fire' unto the Lord. (As a type this 'strange fire' represents reliance on some other empowering for service.)
Trying to serve God apart from abiding in the truth of the Gospel (Walking by faith in God's Word.) results in a religious carnal state of mind easily controlled by Satan. The hardness of heart and accompanying dullness of hearing produces a 'blind leader' dependent on his own devices and devoid of the Lord's leading. In matters of scholarship this type majors in minors while embracing grievous doctrinal error. Many prime examples of this spiritually dead false Christianity have been displayed over the centuries; being led by theologians taking great care to present themselves as 'orthodox' while parading about wearing the mantle of Nicolaitanism (Leaders as spiritual lords.) and following after the doctrine of Balaam. (Ministers for hire.) These pseudo-Christian traditions are like unto Achan's sin that brought the Lord's curse upon the whole camp. Joshua 7:10-13 (Coveting gold and silver and a Babylonish garment.) It has now become common practice in the churches to appoint the best 'ear ticklers' (showmen) as de facto lords over the flocks. Small wonder that so many grey tails ended up sticking out from behind the pulpits.

The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?

Jeremiah 5:31

Like Saul whom the Lord refused to acknowledge because of his rebellion many are now turning aside to curious practices based on bible codes, gemetria, and numerics to try and foretell the future. Occult mysticism relies heavily on such methods to promote fables (doctrines of demons) claiming that they were actually hidden in the scriptures. Cabalism (Jewish mysticism & magical practices that are central to Freemasonry.) is actually a profound form of sorcery based on such hidden knowledge (false teaching). These false doctrines that contain a bogus hope of salvation (ye shall be as gods) also promote the demonic subversion of man (leading to possession) as is commonly evidenced by (psychic) magical powers.

Bible Numerics: Fact or Fantasy?

Gemetria {numeric divination} was and is commonly used by Christians in an attempt to identify the 'man of sin' by thus calculating the numeric value (666) derived from the names of various rulers with the inevitable result that many men were thereby falsely accused. That wicked ruler will be made known as he fulfills the related prophecies and not through any form of divination. (By design his name nevertheless may very well contain a gemetric '666' thus associating him with those magical practices.) The only means given by the Lord in His Word to know the future is revealed up front by the prophets and such knowledge is definitely not found hidden in code. By the Lord's divine design you cannot know the future apart from the Holy Spirit's guidance in understanding by faith God's revelations as given through His true prophets as recorded in His Word.


Compromise is the practice of setting aside God's ways in order to conform to the world's ways. (Usually to avoid confrontation and persecution or sectarian disapproval.) Unbelief, fear of man, love for this present world, and carnal lusts are all factors leading to worldly compromises and thus rebellion against God's Holy Spirit. One of the most dangerous forms of compromise involves a joining in league with the world's rulers to form 'state' churches. The 'Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth' is known by her political fornication with the kings of this temporal world. A pseudo-Christianity thus inclined to support war and bloodshed has time and time again proven to be a despot's best friend. Christians willing to march off under the banners of worldly kings and princes have failed to note that Satan is the spiritual master over the world's temporary kingdoms. To place oneself under command of man to kill because it is somehow thought expedient is to transfer allegiance from obedience to the Lord's gospel over to Satan's blood lust designs through joining hands with the wicked in spilling man's blood. False teachers make great use of the Old Testament divinely initiated wars against wicked nations to justify current wars and Christian participation in such while disregarding the Lord's New Testament commandments to the Church.

James 4:4

Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

 2 CHR. 7:14 

For other foundation can no man lay other than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

1 Corinthians 3:11

The Lord Jesus Christ preserve you unto His heavenly kingdom.


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