An alarming number of Bible scholars have now accepted the view that the United States of America is the woman portrayed riding the beast in the book of Revelation. Of a truth most of the descriptions given there can be reasonably applied to the United States that has in many ways turned its back on God to follow after wickedness. In addition the US from its foundation has been a haven for occult based secret societies, in particular, Freemasonry. During the early pre-independence colonial days of the US the Catholic Church was encountering a difficult time establishing settlements in the colonies. Protestant England had forbidden Catholics to hold public office in England and Catholicism was unlawful in the new lands controlled by her. ( Even Christmas [Christ & Mass] was outlawed because at that time it was recognized as actually being a pagan practice adopted and dressed up by Rome. - The Roman form of Baal worship had a festival on Dec. 25 called 'Saturnia' to honor the birth of the 'sun god'. )
(Note also that they later brought in customs giving honor to Catholic Saint Nick.)

Rome decided that if it was to expand in the English-speaking colonies then they had to first separate them from England. They used Jesuit undercover agents and the Freemasons to stir up trouble in the new colonies. The Jesuits realizing that secret societies had played a major role in re-establishing the concept of independent thought - free from Rome's superstitious (demonic) system of mind control and thus helping to set the stage for the Reformation had infiltrated them to bring them back in under the control of the Catholic Church.

(Some background information.)

The Knights Templar a mystic military wing of the Catholic Church that centuries before was betrayed and outlawed by Rome had been working underground secretly to weaken and destroy the Catholic Church by way of secret societies. (IE. The Rosicrucians) These Rosicrucians were primarily underground descendants of the Knights Templar and forerunners to today's Freemasonic Orders. Freemasonry is also the modern equivalent to the Gnostic cults that competed with the true Gospel even from the first century of the Church. Notice that all these occult orders therefore have common ties to Catholic mysticism, the Jesuit order itself later becoming the established 'in house' form of this Catholic mystic-illuminism. The Illuminati was formed by the Jesuits in order to secretly maintain control over the world's rich and powerful families through 'Illuminism' also known as 'demon possession'. When too many people realized that the Jesuits were behind the Illuminati order, Adam Weishaupt (Jesuit priest) was brought in in order to falsely make it appear that such was a renegade movement operating entirely separate from the Catholic Church.

Ignatius Loyola's spiritual exercises are inherently part of religious 'Illuminism' such actually being based on ancient shamanism. e.g. (1) Harnessing the imagination in order to contact the spirit world through visualization. (2) Abdicating private judgement in favor of mindless obedience to some spirit. (3) And using sensory deprivation to help bring on a demon induced mystical, transformational experience. While pretending to help induce a fervent commitment as regards serving God, it is nevertheless simply old fashioned pagan shamanism dressed up with some Christian imagery so as to effectively deceive those engaged therein.

The Freemasonic orders were later entirely absorbed by this same demon controlled Illuminati in order to serve as a front for Jesuit control over politics, and particularly in Protestant countries where direct involvement would have attracted unwanted attention. By subtly promoting secular humanism along with occultism (pagan shamanism) the Jesuits hoped to eventually subvert the Protestant nations from the inside and so absorb them into their mystic New World Order. (New Age communism.)


English society back in the colonial days of North America already had its share of Jesuit controlled Masonic Lodges. (Most battalions of the English army had their own lodge.) Not surprisingly England's military response to the Masonic led insurrection was extremely cruel and foolish serving only to further alienate the colonists from England. (The English troops burned the farms and crops of the settlers leaving many destitute.) The famous "Boston Tea Party" was also orchestrated by Rome's agents. At that time the bulk of the expense for defending and maintaining the colonies was being born by taxpayers in England. The tax levied on tea was much higher in England than it was in the colonies. The taxation burden imposed on the new settlements was not at all unreasonable when you take into account the enormous military expense incurred by England to prevent France (under the control of Rome) from overrunning the English colonies.

The Papacy of course succeeded in its plan to separate the colonies from England and ever since the US has been wide open to Catholic expansionism. George Washington (Freemason) at the last minute was supplied with millions of dollars by bankers acting on behalf of the Catholic Church. On independence day a Catholic mass involving many Freemasons was held in America to celebrate their victory over England. This part of American history seems to have fallen through one of the many cracks in its educational system. Rome's influence in the newly formed country soon expressed itself in laws to protect religion from state interference. ( Read - preventing the US government from interfering with the entrenchment of Catholicism in the United States of America.)

Freemasonry also placed its mark upon the US by using occult symbolism on both sides of the Great Seal of the United States. ( The Illuminati 'Eye of Horus - (Satan)' above a pyramid' - still found on the US one dollar bill.) Many US Presidents were members of the Masonic Order. {see chart}


Abraham Lincoln was one of the exceptions who incidentally was assassinated by Catholic agents as was later disclosed by his friend Charles Chiniquy. ( Chiniquy was a Catholic priest who became a true Christian and opposed Rome as did Martin Luther many years before.) By continuing to manipulate the deluded Masons through occultism Rome has maintained a great deal of control over the government of the United States.

That the US should be a major player in UN efforts to create a totalitarian world government system can be explained due to her seduction by and obedience to papal authority. It is now common for Popes to debrief presidents on a regular basis. While the US insures God's judgment upon itself by consorting with the beast system (UN) and the woman riding it (the Vatican) the United States is nevertheless simply one of the many nations that has been made drunken by this mistress of witchcrafts. Since the reformation many of God's servants have identified the "Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth" as Romanism because of her hostility towards the true saints and her efforts to destroy the Bible.

Actually a careful study of prophecy reveals that Rome continues as an empire in some form all the way from its beginning till it changes into the kingdom represented by the ten toes on the image in Daniel. Many so called bible prophecy teachers have obscured the true meanings of these revelations. The Papacy was actually a continuation of, 'Caesar worship' which was part of the ancient religion of Rome. Under the Roman form of 'mystery religion', Caesar was the high priest and as such was worshipped as a, 'god'. Failure to bow down to and worship a statue of Caesar carried a death penalty. Notice that the end time anti-Christ also has a similar image that he wants worshipped. Pope Leo, the bishop of Rome 455 AD said,

Beware! I am the successor of St. Peter, to whom God has given the keys of the kingdom of heaven . . . I am the living representative of divine power on the earth: I am Caesar, a Christian Caesar . . . I absolve all subjects from allegiance to kings; I give and take away, by divine right, all thrones and principalities of Christendom.

It would most certainly be in Rome's favor if some other group or nation is falsely identified as being the harlot woman of Revelation. Furthermore when the US is bombed and New York city totally destroyed in WW3 as Russia tries to prevent US interference in its attempted invasion of Israel the Catholic church can then claim that this represents God's judgment upon Babylon. Those who have been taken captive by this lie will then see little reason not to join in league with her supposedly to help keep a tight rein on the antichrist beast. (Dominionism and Latter Rain propaganda having softened them up sufficiently to fall for this setup.) These beguiled individuals in their ignorance will be doing the exact opposite of what God has commanded them to do in Revelations 18 verse 4.


The following facts show that the US is not Babylon (the woman sitting on the beast)

(A) The woman is a city, not a nation.
(B) The woman rules over the kings of the earth.
(C) Has a golden cup in her hand full of filth. (false teaching)
(D) She is drunken with the blood of the saints and martyrs of Jesus.
(E) While Babylonian to the core she claims to be the true Bride of Christ.
(F) It is Rome that has opposed the true gospel for well over a thousand years.

From its early days the Catholic Church withheld the bible from Catholics resulting in millions of Catholics landing in hell. It is only because of pressure brought on by the Reformation that she even allows them to read it. Actually she still frowns upon them reading a real Bible much preferring that they read her false bibles based on old Gnostic perversions of real Bibles. Something she has also passed off on many Protestants. She even removed one of the ten commandments from the Bible: the one forbidding idolatry and then split one of the remaining commandments into two to make it appear there were still ten. No true church of God would dare do such a thing. No true church of God would murder Bible believing Christians. No true church of God would exalt its traditions over and above the Word of God. Those Christians who are now flirting with Rome (Actually some are already in bed with her.) are courting disaster and will if they do not soon repent bring upon themselves God's wrath.

The Catholic Church is presently using its influence to try and ban Protestant gospel literature that identifies her as a false church. In Canada she misused the newly established laws regarding hate literature to ban gospel literature from entering the country. The Canadian Protestant League however protested this wickedness and the authorities were forced to remove the ban. The United Nations under Rome's influence has created a new global policy called the "Genocide Treaty". ( signed by the United States) This document declares that it is a crime to call any religion false. This absurd document flies in the face of all common sense and reason. All religions cannot be true because they contradict one another. No religion can be true when it is founded upon lies. The newly established standards being implemented to suppress hate literature on the Internet the PICS content rating and Internet filtering services are being used by the Catholic Church to block access to Protestant sites that expose her wicked deeds. The sites now targeted are those who remind the people of all the atrocities committed by Rome. EG. "JESUS-IS-LORD.COM"

Millions have been robbed, imprisoned, tortured and gruesomely murdered by her and it is most difficult for her to go on pretending to be Christian when the facts prove otherwise. It is most interesting that the present Pope has a seat on the United Nations as "spiritual advisor." It is even more interesting to discover that the United Nations meditation room in New York (built on the site of a former slaughter house) is dedicated to the occult. One can only wonder what kind of spiritual advice the Pope is giving the communist controlled UN. The Pope's behavior has even alarmed many Catholics who fear God, but are still entangled in Rome's web of deceit.

In the 1st Seal in the book of Revelations the ecumenical movement is depicted as the white horse and rider - white representing, peaceful means. Millions are being seduced by this demonically inspired and empowered movement currently being led by the Pope.

The strange new phenomena being accepted by many as a revival in the churches actually has its roots in the demonic and is designed to steer Christians into the clutches of Rome. When the 2nd Seal is opened and WW3 begins many will think it is Armageddon, expecting Jesus to return, when in fact it is the "man of sin" the end time ruling anti-Christ that arrives on the scene showing forth great signs and wonders. The secular media under the control of the Illuminati (Satan's coalition of occult based dynasties.) is trying to convince many that Armageddon is the next event predicted in scripture.

The United States historically speaking is just a young whelp and it is only in recent times that such became a major influence in world affairs the former policy being that of isolationism. Having been pulled into two world wars, and therefore departing from its early ideals as a republic, and being subverted by internationalists who manipulate such to help fashion the world's political scene with the express object of creating a global world order, it has become the enemy of democratic freedom on the one hand while at the same time becoming its own worst enemy on the other.

The prosperity it has enjoyed and the free access to the Holy scriptures which may have produced a strong people dedicated to serving godly principles has according to man's fallen human nature given birth instead to a decadent society given to over to self indulgence and apathy concerning the truth. The US while carrying a big stick is nevertheless simply a young, foolish, and drunken nation wobbling upon feet of clay that by all indications will be sacrificed in the interest of making way for the old harlot and beast she rides to come forth in power as this age winds down and the world descends into darkness.

To make the US out to be the harlot woman, or the beast, is to distract away from the truth that she is simply being used by them to help bring in a global empire. It is in the interest of both the woman and the beast system to presently focus attention off themselves, and indeed if such can pull that off to any great extent by making the US out to be the 'Great Satan', then their globalist system can come in upon the ruins of such and deceive many into thinking that a golden age of peace has arrived. Consider carefully what I say (and pray) for many in their confusion will indeed end up running away from the smoke, and the cinders, only to end up right in the fire. Many will be expecting Jesus when their false messiah makes his debut.

It is certain that the Papacy will endorse the "man of sin" just as they did Hitler who died an unexcommunicated Catholic having served Rome by his inquisition against the Jews, something that he himself admitted. The Catholic church signed a concordant ( an official letter of approval similar to a compact of mutual support between nations) with Hitler. It is not the policy of the Catholic Church to enter into such agreements unless the ruler is a Catholic in good standing with the church and the authority of the Pope over the nation is accepted without reservation. The Catholic church similarly intends to use the communist controlled United Nations to gain control over the world through its world government system. The ten rulers ( most likely the top council of the Illuminati which numbers 10 ) of this newly formed world empire will however turn and destroy her utterly; Probably exploding a nuclear device at the Vatican and outlawing Catholicism. This event is described in detail in the book of Revelation . This is God's judgment upon her for all the evil she has committed against God's true servants. (REV. 19:3b)



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