The world is now trapped in a deep spiritual darkness that has been very slowly, carefully, and almost imperceptibly integrated into society over the years. This falsely called New World Order (It is actually the old Nazism going global!) is designed to install a Fourth Reich controlled by an elitist occult hierarchy who consider themselves to be gods.

Hidden behind the United Nation's elaborate fašade of concern for humanity lies a (Roman Pagan) beast that incorporates (Germany's) Nazism, (Russia's) Communism and Britain's White Supremacy Movement. (British/Israelism) Note that fascism's eugenics - weeding out undesirables while fostering a rulership composed of elitists - has been promoted by them worldwide using many fronts.

Freemasonry and the KKK

The UN and Catholic Church along with occultic secret societies (E.G. Freemasons) are using corporate power and behavior modification to enslave the masses. - Psychological manipulation by way of the media. At the same time they are using religion and education to captivate the hearts and minds of their victims. (Spiritual defilement by way of false teachings.) For many years Rome's CIA has been operating cultish mind control experiments that target or demonize genuine Protestant churches. Monolithic secretive para-church organizations ( The religious equivalents to the Bilderbergers.) have swallowed up many prominent Christian? leaders with the intent of using them to promote the NWO's agenda. How can you tell if your church has been infected by Knights of Malta Jesuit-Illuminati controlled CIA agents or their propaganda? The following list may provide you some assistance in this endeavor. (Nb. Single incidences do not necessarily indicate direct infiltration however an accumulation of such increases the chances that you are a CIA controlled churchgoer.)

[1] Pastor thinks he is a god. [2] Pastor says you are a god. [3] Pastor claims that his revelations are God's latest word for you and take precedence over God's Word. [4] The pastor says you have a duty to change the world and/or take it over for Jesus. [5] Pastor says: the Catholic Church preaches the gospel and suggests alliances with same. [6] Pastor says: it doesn't matter which bible you use. ( Perhaps he should check into Anton LaVey's version if he isn't already using it.) [7] Pastor says: that if called upon by your country you ought to be willing to travel great distances to destroy villages full of innocent men, women, and children. [8] Pastor insists on laying his hands on you to impart some new anointing. [9] Your pastor wears a pointy cap. [10] Your pastor belongs to a secret society. [11] The congregation is scared of the pastor and is careful not to question his strange teachings for fear of landing in Hell. [12] Pastor insists that you check your bible and your mind in at the door before the service. [13] Your pastor befriends every minister in town regardless of what they preach. [14] Your pastor drinks a lot and has expensive tastes. [15] You hear voices and/or see visions in your head telling you what to say and what to do. (Note. Electronic gadgets are now being used in covert operations to produce these effects. - They have also been using a "alien" UFO cover to hide their experiments.) [16] While in church you have uncontrollable urges to cluck like a chicken, crow like a rooster, give birth to a mystical creature, justify and promote strange elitist or pagan behavior, have your mind taken over by some spirit, worship a mist that fills the room, soar around the room like an eagle, try to massage demons out of others, or otherwise make a perfect ass of yourself while turning visitors off of, and away from accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior. [17] Pastor uses occultic New Age language in a positive context. E.G. global village, unity in diversity, initiation, ecumenism, etc. [18] A well-known stage hypnotist installs the churches new sound system. [19] There are strange clicking sounds heard on the phone when you call the pastor. [20] Your pastor claims to be an ex: CIA or other civilian or military intelligence operative. [21] Known heretics are invited to speak at your church.

If after you give a copy of this letter to your pastor he shakes uncontrollably, changes color, glares at you as if an exorcism or excommunication is in order, or a suspicious looking van is found parked outside your home, - the bank calls to regretfully inform you that your account is piling up NSFs after they in error gave a new customer, your same account number, - the phone company wants to check your phone, - the RCMP or DEA find a bag of dope in your car that has your fingerprints Scotch taped to it, - the IRS or Revenue Canada suddenly decide to audit your books and/or income tax returns for the last five years, - Children's Aid or Family Services abduct your children claiming your religious beliefs endanger them, or your home bible study group makes the front page as the latest mass suicide among those "wacky" Protestants; then in all probability your church has been infiltrated. A word of advice: If your pastor fits too many of the above descriptions just slip a copy of this letter under his office door having been careful to avoid leaving any fingerprints or DNA residue that could be used to identify you.
(2 Timothy 3:13)

But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

My prayers and deepest sympathy for the people of the United States of America during this present crisis. I strongly encourage believers to dedicate time in prayer on behalf of the leadership of the US. Let Americans everywhere humble themselves and call upon Jesus for intervention and protection while resisting Satan's provocations for more bloodshed.(Hebrews 10:30b)

. . . "Vengeance belongeth unto me, I will recompense saith the Lord". . .

{Important note} Who are Bin Laden's connections in the NWO and what is this about his being financed and trained by the CIA?

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