The  Gnosticism found in J. N. Darbys and C. I. Scofields pre-trib rapture doctrine is traced back to Cabalism, the Catholic Church and Origen revealing Darbyism to be a false Gospel.



The Biggest Failure of the Church Age by C. I. Scofield


I believe that the failure of the Church to see that she is a separated, a called-out Body in the purposes of God, charged with a definite mission limited in its purpose and scope, and the endeavor to take from Israel her promises of earthly glory, and appropriate them over into this Church dispensation, has done more to swerve the Church from the appointed course than all other influences put together. It is not so much wealth, luxury, power, pomp, and pride that have served to deflect the Church from her appointed course, as the notion, founded upon Israelitish Old Testament promises, that the Church is of the world, and that therefore, her mission is to improve the world. Promises which were given to Israel alone are quoted as justifying what we see all about us today.

Notice carefully here that by Church dispensation Scofield means a period of time that ceases many years before Jesus returns bodily at Matthew 24:31 and NOT the ministry of the Gospel continuing up until the Lord's visible glorious appearance when every eye shall see Him. According to this truncated dispensation the Christians disappear while the responsibility for completing the 'Great Commission' is left behind primarily under the care of Jews in a brand new dispensation notable in that it only lasts for several years and 'appears' (?) to be based on the same Gospel that was formally preached. However now this same (?) Gospel is now under new management. No scripture at all is presented that reveals this changing of the guard but we are assured that when Christians suddenly vanish along with an invisible Jesus the guardianship of the Gospel is abruptly transferred to the Jews. Perhaps those saints now ministering the Gospel should in anticipation of pre-trib's post rapture Jewish dispensation step down from the pulpits and give the Rabbis an opportunity to get the hang of it.

Scofield sees natural Israel as restored to some earthly glory separate from the Church. But the only hope of future glory for both Jew and Gentile on the earth comes by way of Jesus Christ in the resurrection when they both as one Body rule with Christ during the Millennium and that glory is a heavenly one though temporarily established on this earth amidst the carnality of man for that one thousand years. If the earthly blessings are applicable only to Jews by reason of natural birth to thereby exclude the Church from those promises wouldn't Jews in the Church, including the twelve apostles who will judge the twelve tribes of Israel, also be cut off from those blessings? See Matthew 19:28 and notice that this apostolic judgment reveals that the twelve tribes of Israel must be within the Church.

Scofield obviously sees some kind of glory for Jewish saints on the earth separate from the Church and it is this glory (?) that he would allow the Jews while retaining separately the heavenly spiritual blessings for the Church. Scofield's diagnosis of the true Church (That he confuses with all that masquerades as Christianity.) and Her so called chronic condition (?) would somehow make his doctrine a miracle cure for all that ails Her.

The blood of Jesus Christ and the renewing power of the Holy Spirit (along with repentance and obedience to the Gospel) to cure the problem of carnality among Christians is conveniently sidestepped while his remedy along with a return of a 'Christ' that can only be spiritually discerned at his return is installed as the hope of the Church. If ever there was a slicker delusion and one so sweetly seductive in nature and more promising in regards to apostasy I have yet failed to find it and I wouldn't wonder at all if the devil while still standing in awe of himself and marvelling at this incredible masterpiece of cunning is somewhat reluctant to even put a brush to canvas.

The Church, therefore, has failed to follow her appointed pathway of separation, holiness, heavenliness and testimony to an absent but coming Christ; she has turned aside from that purpose to the work of civilizing the world, building magnificent temples, and acquiring earthly power and wealth, and in this way, has ceased to follow in the footsteps of Him who had not where to lay His head. Did you ever put side by side the promises given to the Church, and to Israel, and see how absolutely in contrast they are? It is impossible to mingle them.

While insidiously extolling the miracle working power of the pre-trib cure-all for carnality so as to install holiness again among the saints we are now informed that Jesus has absented Himself from the Church, whose works Scofield again confuses with the carnal religious works of unregenerate man. Scofield's 'Church' is thus identified as being composed of Catholicism plus apostate Protestantism with the true saints being pinned on as the tail of this bloodthirsty beast. Here he shamelessly throws in another plug for pre-trib and suggests that you too also divide up the scripture's blessings according to his dualistic (Gnostic-Masonic) separation of spirit and flesh as he applies such dichotomy to create two classes of saints, one for above and one for below. Origen's Gnostic 'heavenly destiny' for the Church that was carried over into Catholicism's amillennialism and retained by Darby and Scofield to support pre-trib fails to account for the fact that it is the Bride that will reign with Christ on the earth during the real Millennium.

* Early Church Doctrine*

This fails to take into consideration that the primary hope of all believers OT (Old Testament) and NT (New Testament) has always been that of seeing mortality and corruption after the flesh being done away with through the resurrection with the saints receiving immortal bodies like unto Jesus' own glorified flesh. Apart from leaning into a Gnostic concept of separation of flesh and spirit (IE. flesh = evil & spirit = good) how can material blessings be entirely divorced from spiritual blessings as promised of God to His people; that is, those who are born of His Spirit? Do spiritual blessings rule out or replace blessings of a material nature and if so where is that doctrine found in God's Word?

The Jew was promised an earthly inheritance, earthly wealth, earthly honor, earthly power. The Church is promised no such thing, but is pointed always to heaven as the place where she is to receive her rest and her reward. The promise to the Church is a promise of persecution, if faithful in this world, but a promise of a great inheritance and reward hereafter. In the meantime, she is to be a pilgrim body, passing through this scene, but abiding above.

This first sentence could have been written by Scofield's patron 'saint', Lord Rothschild. The contrast between the first and second sentence actually represents pure Gnosticism because of its sharp separation of the material world from the spiritual Kingdom of God. Jesus when He returns will be bringing the rewards with Him to this earth. Why would He do that if we are going to Heaven to receive them? To support this Gnosticism the 'Sermon on the Mount' cannot be accepted as a promise from God to the Church but must by all means be eradicated from the minds of bewitched pre-tribbers who according to Scofield must be playing harps somewhere up in Heaven during the Great Tribulation.

Matthew 5:5


Write that verse down on a card (Actually ten thousand such printed cards would do nicely!) and present it to the next one you find preaching Darbyism and (Apart from an actual miracle from God.) watch the expression of panic and the bizarre hermeneutical contortions that arise when such captives are actually exposed to the truth. That's akin to giving a JW a blood donor clinic poster to put up in their window. Banners and billboard's reading:

Matthew 5:5

would be a breath of fresh air and would hopefully bring some pre-tribbers back down to earth and off their mystical cloud.

The last sentences while bearing some vague resemblance to scripture more than imply that faithfulness to Christ causes persecution when actually it is the wickedness of the wicked that causes persecution.

In the New Testament we have the history of the Church down to the year 96 A.D. In the second chapter of Acts we have the birth of the Church, and oh, how beautiful she was in her first freshness of faith! It was a lovely manifestation of simplicity, unselfishness, holiness and spiritual power. Yet we pass on but a few years, and in the Epistles to the Corinthians, what do we find? Paul writes, "I hear there are divisions among you." They began then, and they have never ceased to this day. In the second and third chapters of Revelation we have the condition of the Church at that time; full of words still, but fallen from its first love.

According to Scofield the Church started out "a lovely manifestation of simplicity, unselfishness, holiness and spiritual power", but unfortunately it was all downhill from there. God's Word and His Holy Spirit according to Scofield were not sufficient to uphold the integrity of the true Church and had to await Darbyism and Scofield's own explanatory notes to restore the truth unto the saints.

After Ephesus, A.D. 96, comes the period of persecution. For three centuries the Church was in awful persecution. Then came a great change. The Emperor Constantine professed conversion, and Christianity became the court religion. Then the tables were turned and the Church began to persecute! And, of all things she should never have done, she became the persecutrix of the Jews! The Church, saved by faith in the Messiah who came from the Jews; having in her hand the Bible which was written by the Jews; receiving her teaching solely and only through Jewish sources, became, for one thousand years, the bitter, relentless, bloody persecutor of Judaism. With that came worldliness and priestly assumption, and the Dark Ages.

In this remarkable paragraph the wizard Scofield by way of a 'Great Change' transforms the Catholic Church into the 'Bride of Christ' who then goes on to persecute the Jews and create the Dark Ages. The Jesuits no doubt filled his head with that madness. Notice also the sly fusing of two different issues by using the curious term 'persecutor of Judaism' that attempts to make opposition to Judaism (which is a religion) appear to be one and the same thing as actual violent persecution of the Jews (a people). I wouldn't be surprised if the apostles of our Lord would have considered taking a big stick to the fox at that point.

Then in the fifteenth century, came the Reformation out of which have come Protestant movements of various kinds. The Bible was put into the hands of the people, and has been translated into many tongues. With an open Bible came light and liberty again, but never union again. On the contrary, division followed division; sect followed sect. It is true that the great body of the churches believes that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, but they have turned aside the greater part of their resources, to the attempt to reform the world, to educate the world, and, in short, to anticipate the next dispensation in which those things belong, and to do the work that is distinctly set apart for restored and converted Israel in her Kingdom Age.

Scofield conveniently overlooks the fact that all believers through their abiding in Christ are united by Him in Spirit and so he again confuses the greater hoard of professing Christendom with that of the true Church - the Body of Christ. According to Scofield a thousand year carnal Jewish kingdom is supposed to reform the world and educate the world in a Jewish Kingdom Age. Note that according to God's Word this reformation and re-education program must be a failure because the world later joins in league with Satan at the end of the Millennium in an attempt to destroy the saints. (?) He fails to elaborate however on whether he considers reform and education of the world using Judaism to be appropriate during this present time. Scofield also taught that Jews under the OT were saved by the works of the law (Scofield Reference Bible - footnote on p. 1115.) when the NT makes it plain that those saints were actually saved by faith.

Is the Gospel then a failure? God forbid! The Gospel never failed, and can never fail. God's Word by the Gospel is accomplishing precisely the mission which was foreseen and foretold for it, that whereunto it was sent. And we must not forget, either, that the Gospel will yet bring this world to the Saviour. It is not at all a question of the ultimate triumph of the blessed Lord. The heathen may rage and the people imagine vain things, but the Father will yet set His King on His holy hill in Zion. Converted Israel, glorified saints, even a mighty angel shall yet proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom, and "the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow into it" (Isa. 2:2). "The earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea" (Isa. 11:9). All this will surely come to pass, for the Lord hath spoken it--but not in this dispensation. This is the age of the "ecclesia"--of the called out ones.

Here Scofield backtracks to throw us off the scent of his 'the Church is in ruins' doctrine (But don't worry Scofield's magical elixir will fix Her up in no time.) and then goes on to suggest that the 'ultimate' triumph' of Christ (Which took place upon the cross!) and His Lordship over Zion (He is NOW Lord over Zion!) awaits some future fulfillment and on the way pauses long enough to snatch up an embarrassing verse or two to casually fling them out of his way by sending them safely off into the future.

Let me ask you, what is God doing in this age of ours? Is He not taking out of the Gentiles a people? A few Jews are being converted, for Paul tells us there is always a remnant in Israel according to the election of grace (Rom. 11:5), but the great, the altogether vast majority of the Church is taken out of the Gentiles. This we all see. To believe this is not at all a matter of faith, but of simple observation. Not, anywhere, the conversion of all, but everywhere, the taking out of some. The evangelization of the world, then, and not its conversion, is the mission committed to the Church. To do this, to preach the Gospel unto the uttermost parts of the earth, to offer salvation to every creature, is our responsibility. It is the divinely appointed means for the calling out of a people for His Name, the Church, the "Ecclesia."

Scofield here reveals a remarkable grasp of the situation; Unfortunately by 'Gospel' he obviously means his pre-trib rapture gospel. The Brethren movement considered non-adherence to pre-trib a horrifying - 'heresy' - and cause for excommunication thus making the faithful, 'Ecclesia' out to be exclusively that founded only upon Darbyism with those actually holding fast to New Testament truth (A single glorious return of Jesus Christ to gather all the saints unto Himself - Matt. 24:31) scorned and cast out of their churches to suffer God's wrath no doubt by wandering in darkness - devoid of the
Light of Darbyism.


J. N. Darby admitted that pre-trib was a 'new revelation' being subtly brought in to replace the true and original Christian belief in only one return of the Lord to gather all of the saints unto himself. The following is excerpted from p96 'The Incredible Cover-Up' by Dave MacPherson.
Darby advocated a subtle introduction of the pre-trib rapture view;
" I think we ought to have something more of a direct testimony as to the Lord's coming, and its bearing also on the state of the church: ordinarily, it would not be well to have it so clear, as it frightens people. We must pursue it steadily; it works like leaven, and its fruit is by no means seen yet; I do not mean leaven as ill, but the thoughts are new, and people's minds work on them, and all the old habits are against their feelings ..."
{The quotes above were taken from Rowdon's, 'The Origins of the Brethren' (Letters of J.N. Darby pp 25-26) and this particular letter was written July 24, 1834 to a friend.}

"Further remark, the commission to the twelve was not from heaven, nor consequently immediately connecting with heaven, but from Galilee, and a commission to bring the nations into connection with an accepted remnant of Jews on earth - not to bring Jew and Gentile into the body in an ascended Christ, which was Paul's commission especially, preaching withal reconciliation from heaven to every creature under it." -- JN Darby
Letters of JN Darby - Nov. 4, 1869 - Elberfeld, Germany

Further, the purpose of the Father in this age is not the establishment of the Kingdom. The Old Testament prophets tell us in perfectly simple, unambiguous language how the Kingdom is to be brought in, who is to be its ruler, and the extent and character of that rule, and the result in the universal prevalence of peace and righteousness. Alas, nothing would suffice but the bringing of the prophets bodily over into this Church age! This is the irremediable disaster which the wild allegorizing of Origen and his school has inflicted upon exegesis. The intermingling of Church purpose with Kingdom purpose palsied evangelization for thirteen hundred years, and is today the heavy clog upon the feet of them who preach the glad tidings.

Scofield here clearly reveals his carnality and estrangement from Jesus Christ in that he doesn't realize that the spiritual kingdom of God has always existed but was hidden from sinful man because of sin. That spiritual kingdom, which is 'not of this world', will however be established on this earth when Jesus returns. Jesus Christ is Lord of that heavenly realm that Scofield does not regard as presently being the 'Kingdom of God'. I thus find it hard to believe that Scofield was even born again of God; very religious and morally influenced by Christian principles no doubt; being born again and duly baptized of the spirit of Darbyism, but this other gospel (pre-trib) has both another 'Christ' (invisible to sinful man at his return) and another kingdom of God; that being a Judaic kingdom rather than a Christian empire.

He finishes up this paragraph by again calling the Catholic Church and apostate Protestantism the Bride of Christ and so confuses their anti-Christ false gospels and carnality with the true Gospel and true godliness that he himself rejects in favor of Darbyism. This monstrous distortion of the truth concerning the Lord's return and the resurrection of the just is itself a clog upon the feet of those who truly preach restoration to God and His spiritual kingdom by way of Jesus Christ to be thus raised up by the power of the Spirit of Truth - He being the Holy Spirit that Scofield himself foolishly excommunicated in order to make room for his delusions.

See how inevitably so. The Kingdom applies spiritual forces to the solution of material problems. How shall man live long and wisely? The Kingdom is the answer. How shall exact justice be done on earth? The Kingdom provides for it. When shall wars and human butchery cease in this blood-saturated earth? When the Kingdom is set up by the King Himself. When shall creation give up to man her potential secrets? In the Kingdom age. When shall the earth be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea? When the King and His Kingdom are here.

According to Scofield his carnal Jewish kingdom will accomplish the following amazing feats. - apply spiritual forces to solving material problems - make man to live long and wisely - provide exact justice - cause wars to cease - and uncover the secrets of creation.
(What! I thought the UN's utopian dream was to do all that through totalitarianism?)

Of all these things the O.T. prophets are full. We turn to the New Testament and find what? The birth of the King, the heralding of the Kingdom as "at hand," the announcement in the Sermon on the Mount of the principles of the Kingdom, the utter refusal of Israel to receive her King, the passing of the Kingdom into the mixed and veiled condition set forth in the seven parables of Matthew Thirteen, its full revelation being postponed till "the harvest," which is fixed definitely "at the end of this age." And then the Kingdom being thus postponed, what is revealed as filling and occupying this age? THE CHURCH! Christians, let us leave the government of the world till the King comes; let us leave the civilizing of the world to be the incidental effect of the presence there of the Gospel of Christ, and let us give our time, our strength, our money, our days to the mission distinctively committed to the Church, namely, to make the Lord Jesus Christ known "to every creature"!

Here we have the amazing pre-trib claim that God's offer of a carnal Jewish kingdom of God was rejected by the Jews so forcing God to create a parenthesis under the heading of 'Ecclesia' and veiled in a mystery while the real kingdom of God was put on layaway to be dusted off in time for the Millennium. According to this utterly fantastic revelation the Lord Jesus' crucifixion to atone for the sins of His people was a last minute change of plan based on the Jews failure to install Jesus as King over Israel. That anyone can believe such foolishness and still consider themselves enlightened Christians is certain proof of Satan's power to deceive.

The Mysterious Other Woman

Pre-trib by displacing the Church (Christ's Bride) and substituting another woman to rule in Her stead (Directly after Her wedding no less.) turns Jesus Christ into an adulterer, entirely destroys the sanctity of marriage between the Lord Jesus Christ and His Bride, robs the Bride of Her position of honor in the Millennium, and reduces the Lamb's Wife to nothing more than a handmaid of that mistress. (And if that wasn't bad enough this other woman turns out to be His Father's wife according to pre-trib.) To cover up by obscurity this diabolical substitution the pre-trib delusion maintains that while Jesus returns with His new Bride He rules however on the throne of David alongside His Father's wife who was once divorced from God because of her unfaithfulness, left desolate after her rejection of Jesus Christ, but was somehow (?) secretly remarried to His Father. (?) This blasphemous nonsense makes a complete mockery of the Marriage of the Lamb and the Bride's millennial hope and reveals pre-trib as a poisonous satanic doctrine that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the Christian faith. Pre-trib's imaginary Millennium in effect installs Judaism as the primary religious influence over the entire earth while assigning the true Church (Christ's Bride) and thus Christianity itself to some absurd and marginal secondary role in God's kingdom.

1 Corinthians 14:33a

God is not the author of confusion, . . .

Stephen Sizer explains the heresies contained within the Christian Zionist position as follows. "By insisting on such an arbitrary and dualistic separation between God's purposes for the Jews and those of the Church, Christian Zionists are promoting Old Testament 'shadows' alongside their New Testament 'substance'. (Col. 2:16-17 Heb. 10:1, 5) In doing so they are seeking to revive what is now obsolete. Turning the clock back in redemptive history they are Judaizing the Christian faith. (Gal. 3:1-5, 3:13-16, Heb. 8:13) If religious Jews do indeed rebuild their Temple and re-institute sacrifices it will only confirm their rejection of the atoning work of Jesus Christ. For Christians to support them in the belief that future sacrifices may atone for sin is apostasy. (Heb. 6:4-6) This is because the movement in the progressive revelation of Scripture is always from the lesser to the greater. It is never reversed. The New Testament repeatedly sees such Old Testament concepts as the Temple, High Priest and sacrifice as 'types' pointing to and fulfilled in Jesus."

By appending Judaism's defunct system of animal sacrifice (and the required earthly temple) to God's program of redemption regarding the Jews is to create a hybrid false gospel that denies Christ's sacrifice as all sufficient to atone for mankind's sins.

While I agree that Christians ought not to compromise themselves by entanglement in the world's politics Scofield's connections to Masonic Judaism and Jesuitism indicate an underlying ulterior motive of weakening Protestant influence over governments while the faithful are admonished to pour their time, strength and money into promoting Darbyism while patiently awaiting the arrival of a 'Christ' who parties with them for several years in Heaven and then departs to manage a Judaic utopia upon the earth. This is some very strange doctrine.

But I have studied the curious pre-trib variations and the convolutions and contradictions that certify such as authored of Satan and I have since ceased to be amazed any longer at his handiwork. Satan's own 'imprimaturs' have even found their way onto the covers of some pre-trib books and study bibles,

Satan's Left Behind

even his hex symbol - that is the 'star' of the pagan god 'Remphan' (That is Saturn, otherwise known as Satan.) & (Acts 7:43 - symbol of Israel's apostasy) that the Freemasons proudly fly over the nation of Israel. Some discerning Jews protested against that folly when that sign was first placed upon their flag but Rothschild's Freemasons managed to keep that news well suppressed. This sign is however known to be an old occult symbol and some Jewish scholars admit that this is the case.

The Six Pointed Star

Not to be beat however in occult symbolism the American Freemasons long ago placed not only that symbol (formed by 13 stars) but also the 'Eye of Horus' the Egyptian god (Found above the pyramid.) on the Great Seal of the United States and displayed upon her $1 bank notes.

The Masonic New World Order

Egyptian obelisks that once stood before pagan temples in honor of Baal now stand in the courtyard at St. Peters, Rome; in New York's Central Park, USA; and in London, England, and I suspect that because of these accursed idols the Lord is quickly turning their glory into shame and Hell itself also hath enlarged her mouth to receive them.

The Lord Jesus watch over you
and keep you safe in Him.


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