In order for a believer to be consistently led of the Holy Spirit and thereby be continually sowing to the Spirit they must of necessity be filled with the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. When false teaching is embraced taught and acted upon the individual will be set in opposition to and end up striving against the Spirit of God that is in them. Satan in such cases will have captivated the individual's mind to some degree so and they will end up interpreting what they see through the false teaching they have embraced.

This is why the cults remain so powerful. IE. The victim's own minds interpret reality around them to agree with the teachings that have been planted in their minds.

In addition Satan and his crew work signs and wonders to insure that they remain trapped. Consider the illusions of astrology, astral projection and reincarnation. In all these cases demonic trickery produces what appears to be evidence, but on closer examination is explained by demonic influence or invasion.

Witches for example believe they can astral project when in reality their minds are simply being merged with those of demons allowing the demons to implant vivid scenes. These productions can be real life or imaginary. In astrology demons attach themselves to those engaged therein in order to manipulate their lives based on the predictions given. To convince many that reincarnation is true demons will implant thoughts to convince them that they also lived before in a previous time. These illusions are designed to fool the unsaved.

On the subject of 'Can Christians be possessed of demons?', we can definitely expect Satan to go all out even producing signs and wonders in an attempt to confirm the wrong view. To determine the reality of the situation and unravel the treachery used we must carefully examine what the Lord teaches us in His Word and then examine the phenomena surrounding this issue to determine what wonders are inconsistent with the truth. Can the appearance of demonic possession amongst born again believers be explained apart from actual possession? There are no examples given in the New Testament of born again believers being possessed or undergoing exorcism.

Note: It is a well known fact that trance like dissociative states (as in hypnosis) are commonly reported by 'Christians' who have undergone deliverance by way of 'exorcism'. It is also a fact that confessions (recovered memories especially) obtained during trance states are notoriously unreliable and as such are no longer considered admissible as evidence in any court of law. Also; By formulating doctrine based on experiences produced through altered states of consciousness (as opposed to basing one's faith upon God's Word alone) is to risk embracing those deceptions that are being upheld by Satan's lying signs and wonders. In addition there are no instructions given in God's Word on how to deal with such a problem in the Church. It certainly appears to have been a non issue in the early churches . That is - in those churches established by the Lord's apostles. ( Very much unlike today.)( Consider this carefully. )

While later on we find a so called 'Christian' practice of performing exorcisms on hopeful church members this obviously contains much error in that 'if' these individuals had truly become Christians in the first place being washed from their sins in the 'Blood of Jesus' and thus baptized of the Holy Spirit, and if somehow this miracle of the Almighty (I speak foolishly) did not suffice to set them free from bondage to any and every evil spirit, including Satan himself, how then can we possibly place confidence in men being able to do so? The Lord in the first chapters of 'The Revelation of Jesus Christ' reveals to us that many grievous errors had already crept into various churches even while the original apostles were active in establishing them. This being the case how then can Christians accept teachings or doctrine found later on among professing believers when such lack an example (precedence) in the New Testament? Without a proper foundation in God's Word how can assurance be given that a practice or belief is of God?

I intend to scripturally show that the apparent appearance of demonic possession among born again believers can be explained by Satan's controlling unregenerated minds. In addition I hope to prove that the "belief" that Satan or his demons can possess a true Christian is so horribly opposed to faith in God that Satan has almost unlimited access into situations where this view has been accepted.

Examine yourselves,
whether ye be in the faith:
prove your own selves.
Know ye not of your own selves,
how that Jesus Christ is in you,
except ye be reprobates ?

(2 Cor.13:5)

To even suggest that Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God would share quarters with a spirit of evil is blasphemy. Because the Spirit of God indwells all believers their spirits cannot be possessed; their minds however can be taken captive if they allow rebellion and lies to become dominant producing a reprobate condition. This normally happens after they have rejected the warnings given them of the Lord.

"It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God."
(Heb. 10:31)

In case some of you reading this wonder if I am qualified to teach on this subject I will offer a little background to establish some confidence. Within minutes of accepting the Lord Jesus as my Savior I noticed that I could see the spirits influencing and controlling those around me. It took a number of days to realize that not all believers were able to do so. I was further amazed that the same stood true even while looking at photographs. The impressions that I received were never in error and I came to regret the occasions where I dismissed the warnings given me of the Lord by these means. I have wrestled with demons, some extremely dangerous, and I know the horror of being manipulated contrary to the new nature given me of the Lord. I have carefully studied the operations of many cults and am quite knowledgeable on what is taught in the churches on the subject of deliverance. I have read many books put out by the so called 'experts' even studying such in detail. Consequently I was also warned of the Lord concerning the unscriptural content blended into most of these books. I have witnessed the Lord putting the run on many devils that withstood me and I have seen the same done on behalf of others. No fancy rituals were involved only a child's cry unto a merciful Heavenly Father.

When Christians allow themselves to become run down spiritually through neglect, (IE., of study of God's Word, of obedience, of prayer, of fellowship, of forgiveness toward others.). then their spirits become weakened allowing Satan to further program their minds in opposition to God's ways.

In time if this continues they can be convinced of just about anything. The most torturous thoughts of course being that they are possessed. It appears that many who refuse to accept responsibility for their backsliddeness would rather believe "the devil made me do it". The practice of shifting responsibility makes repentance impossible because how can you repent if someone else is really to blame? This phenomena whereby others are blamed for your behavior has been promoted by the pagan practitioners of psychology. Blame it on your father, blame it on your mother, blame it on society, etc.. Small wonder that few these days can repent of their wickedness when everything after all is not their fault. ( Note in the garden after the fall that Eve blamed the serpent and Adam blamed Eve.)

This practice is part of the fallen nature.

The human heart can be so desperately wicked preferring to believe in possession rather than realize the truth that God will hold you responsible for your actions. The solution to supposed possession among believers is found on the pages of the Holy Bible and routinely dismissed because it not complicated enough to satisfy the high minded advocates of deliverance by exorcism. Once the truth is accepted by enough believers the exclusive and unscriptural office of deliverance expert will become redundant.

( Expect opposition as they protect their high stations.)

Before we continue let me suggest that all deliverance workers get themselves a big bucket of red paint, a 4 inch wide paintbrush, and clear a wall in their living rooms. Ready! Turn to James 4 and starting at verse 7, write;


Now sit back and study carefully the words that God gave regarding deliverance in the Church. Those of you involved in the laughter revival will especially profit by continuing on to the next verse. In thirty years I have never met a born again Christian who was possessed regardless of how backslidden they were. I have however met quite a number of unsaved individuals who were; the spirits occasionally addressing me with comforting words such as "We've been watching you."

The scriptures tell us that in the latter days some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. There are also numerous men and women who are not born again that have become quite wealthy masquerading as God's servants in the churches. There appears to be many opportunities in Christendumb for false teachers because, as prophesied, the time has come when they will not endure sound doctrine. There has been a lot of false information spread concerning what it means to be born again. IE. You were born again when baptized as a child. You were born again because a strange feeling came over you while sitting in a Catholic Church. You are born again every day because it just means. 'turning over a new leaf'.

There are hundreds running around inside genuine churches that managed to pick up some demon spirit while in a false church or playing around in the occult. These. 'ringers' of course are not born again, but can be very convincing since they actually believe that the strange spirits controlling them are the Holy Spirit. A careful examination and comparison between what they believe and the scriptures most often will raise red flags. ( Their actual testimony on how they came to be "born again" is often missing, unscriptural, or extremely vague.) These 'ringers' were sent to sow confusion and lead members of the church into sin.

This is not a new tactic for Satan. Remember the practice that Balak used in sending wicked persons into the camp of the Israelites to turn them aside from the Lord's ways. True conversion is based on realizing that according to God's testimony in scripture all men are born sinful and as such are under condemnation. In addition they must recognize that Jesus paid the full price on the cross to restore them to God. By acknowledging the truth they respond by repentance before God and therefore cry out to the Lord to save them. God in His mercy cleanses them from sin and they are born again (made alive in Christ Jesus) by being baptized by the Holy Spirit into the body of Christ.

Many exhibiting signs of possession in the churches are not born again and are the tares spoken of in the parable of the wheat and tares. The Lord in addition will permit those who are born again yet who refuse to be led of the Holy Spirit to be led of some other spirit the resulting consequences designed to turn them to repentance. ( Demon possession would not facilitate repentance.) Paul was afflicted by a spirit of evil in order to prevent his falling into pride and thus rendering himself unfit to minister the gospel. It is not the Lord's desire that any man continue in sin rejecting the salvation of God that comes through believing the truth. By rejecting the truth individuals leave themselves no option but to be overtaken by delusions. A spiritually confused Christian running about allowing just about anyone to lay hands on them is not doing what the Lord told them to in the scriptures.

( They should be seeking the Lord in prayer.)

The practice of laying on of hands regarding born again Christians all of whom have the Holy Spirit was done only to ask the Lord's blessing upon persons chosen for specific ministries as well as certain cases regarding the sick. ( Usually the sick were anointed with oil by the elders of the church.)The practice of casual use of laying on of hands is expressly forbidden in the Word of God. The practice of imparting spirits to captivate minds through the laying on of hands has been used of Satan to delude and thereby inlist individuals in heretical movements opposed to sound doctrine. The Latter Rain heresies are being spread in this manner as well as the phony Toronto blessing. The Word of God reveals to us that if they do not speak according to God's Word it is because there is no light in them. Not all profound spiritual experiences are from God. The concept that all life transforming spiritual phenomena originate with God is an occult New Age belief.

In order to provide relief and deliverance for believers who are being harassed by Satan they must first be instructed to the fact that they must repent and submit themselves to the Lord to do His will. That is, if disobedience is at the root of the problem. They may be encountering opposition because of their obedience. Joining with them in prayer against the spirits allows them opportunity to regain their strength and stand up to them. Anything less and you may as well be beating around a bush with a rattle in your hand. Many will turn away seeking an alternative to submission to the Lord and His ways their sorry state a prelude to the eternal consequences of rebellion against the Most High.

For those who feel that I am being overly harsh, I refer you to the first word Jesus used when beginning His ministry - Repent. Is it the loving thing to do, to comfort those in rebellion to the Lord when an unwavering rebuke may awaken them that they be restored unto God? Far too many have confused our Heavenly Father with Dr. Spock. I can assure you from personal experience that He does not share the doctor's views on child rearing. It appears that many Christians in seeking the friendship of the world have also accepted many foolish philosophies. (James 4:4) So many have been teaching foolishness for so long that they in their confusion now insist that their views actually come from the Bible.

Glory to the Lord Jesus!

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