Question: Are there any indications of Jesuit involvement at the recent WTC "Terrorist" Attacks?

If we have read the book by Eric Jon Phelps, "Vatican Assassins: Wounded in the House of My Friends" (available today through we know the past deeds of this nefarious "religious" order (that is in reality the "military arm" of the Vatican: a Political System operating under the guise of Christian Religion) prove the nature of this order to be one that has utilized these very same tactics to further it's plan of world domination on behalf of their "Black Pope" (the Jesuit General). Those who are paying attention to the Bush administration may note that the number of Irish and Italian names on his appointed staff are very numerous.

One may have noted that the mayor of N.Y. City is also a staunch Roman Catholic and has been the one in charge of "overseeing" all aspects of the site of the former WTC towers. A law has been suggested recently in N.Y. City to empower police to confiscate all photographic equipment (and film) that is found being used to record what remains of the WTC and it's occupants. It was stated that no photographs/videos should be allowed "out of respect for the families of those who lost their lives in the tragedy." Why would the government of N.Y. City be against this sort of recording effort? Is this not terribly strange? Who do you think could benefit from this and how so?

Some may be aware that N.Y. City is one of the most solid bastions of Roman Catholic political power in the U.S. and for that matter the world. Is it any wonder there will be no independent investigations allowed. The FBI is also handling the investigation of the planes and their hijacking. The FAA is not a player in this one, apparently, nor are other governmental bodies. The F.B.I gave us Waco and Oklahoma City, some may recall. The "Charismatic" John Ashcroft appears to be quite "ecumenical" in his "fundamentalism".

The media of Pakistan came out immediately after the attack with articles claiming the WTC towers were secretly destroyed by Israel in an attempt to turn the world toward their cause. They claimed that 4,000 Israeli/Jewish employees of firms in the towers were oddly not at their posts the day of the attack. There is also an effort underway to discover who made windfall profits by trading on the market just prior to the attack. Whoever is blamed for having "foreknowledge" of the event and taking profits on it without warning the govt. will be persecuted most vehemently.

Believe it or not, history is replete with incidents just as we have witnessed at the WTC Towers on Sept 11, 2001. Long ago a man named Guy Fawkes (a Jesuit agent sworn to destroy all Protestant "heretics") fomented a similar terrorist attack (commonly referred to as "The Gunpowder Plot") on the British Parliament. He was discovered and his best efforts squashed only moments before the cache of gunpowder could be ignited to kill the Protestant Parliament members and the very British Monarchy. "Guy Fawkes Day" is commemorated in England to this very day. Unfortunately, Great Britain has forgotten the significance of the Jesuit threat and tends to look "back" on this as something that could never happen again. Even the purpose for the establishment of this yearly commemoration has been obscured through the Jesuit revisionists.

The purpose of the multitude of Jesuit schools, both in Europe and especially in America, has always been to gain control of the government, courts, financial and academic institutions, military, and media through their well trained advocates graduating from these institutions. Though this act of terrorism against Protestant England failed to accomplish the goals of the Vatican and her Jesuits, the intent was most clear. What could not be accomplished by such overt Jesuit terrorism has tragically been achieved through their dark political intrigue over the last two centuries in England.

The last two world wars the Jesuits have gotten England into were made possible by the death grip they have attained on her financial institutions. The Jesuits are moving the nations into one last world war. They are motivating the nations with all the leverage they have at their disposal. Terrorism is simply a catalyst to them. They must bring the nations to a fearful and hateful state, then it will be easy to take them to their destruction. God will give them up because of their sin, and their going after false gods....the Last Pope.....the Antichrist.

Adolf Hitler modeled his Third Reich after the Jesuit Order, this is a matter of public record and was proudly proclaimed by Hitler himself. The battle between the "Communists" and "Nazis" brought Germany to the point where she was divided into two camps. From that point, where the Protestants and Catholics had united against the Communists, it was just a matter of "sacrificing" the Jesuit pawns in "Red". Hitler rose to power in the smoke of the burning Reichstag (the building that housed the German "Parliament".) The enemies of the Reich were, of course, blamed for this "outrageous terrorist act". They had accomplished their purpose. Hitler consolidated his control of Germany through this act and the ones who benefited were clearly the Fascists/Nazis (backed solidly by the Holy See, the German "Church", and the Catholic Zenterum Party, according to their "concordat" with the Vatican through their Cardinal Pacelli, soon to be Pius XII.... appropriately called "the German Pope".)

Could something like this be what is at the bottom of the recent "outrageous terrorist act" fomented against the U.S.? Should we not ask ourselves, "Who has benefited?" Have not the "Vatican Fascists" of our hour benefited? Have they not made great advances toward eliminating the rights declared to be "inalienable" by the U.S. Constitution? Are these factions not also moving the people toward ever greater "sacrifices of personal freedom"? Who has benefited?

Are the Jesuits not long proven to be the "archenemies" of the American Republic and our Constitution? They have declared how they have hated freedom of religion, free speech, and freedom of the press, all forms of republican governments, and freedom of conscience in one form or another for well over 400 years. The Treaty of Verona sealed an alliance under the headship of the Vatican to target America for destruction early in the last century. This resulted in the U.S. adopting the "Monroe Doctrine" as a matter of self-defense. The content of the Treaty of Verona was discussed on the open floor of the Congress of the United States of America. How could these things fail to be taught in our public school history classes? Who has benefited from the changes in curriculum offered in the public school system and American institutions of "higher learning" in the last century? What condition is American Protestantism in today? Who has even heard of the Jesuits today?

Just the week before the destruction of the WTC the ownership changed hands. This was the first time in some 30 years. Was this a coincidence? Was it also a coincidence that the man who was at the forefront of purchasing these buildings was also a man of "Jewish" name and apparent decent? This is a tactic the Jesuits have used continually over the years. It serves two purposes that can be easily seen. First, it keeps the people from looking for the real enemy amongst them. Second, it brings hatred on those the Jesuits despise and are working to annihilate. This is the same purpose of the infamous "Protocols of Zion" created by the Jesuits to create the atmosphere conducive to the last Holocaust. Was this man being used to "throw off the scent" of any would-be "trackers" that might arise after this event took place? Is this something that will be used to turn the nation against the "enemy" of the Jesuit Order, Israel? The Jesuit Order has always been the epitome of Anti-Semitic zeal. The Vatican has been the originator of the pogrom, the ghetto, and the armband. Her inquisitions and "crusades" have slaughtered countless Jews, Moslems, and Christians alike. Adolf Hitler's statement in regard to the "Jewish Solution" was that he was just continuing the very policy of his "Church" (Jesuit Catholicism) through the centuries. This is a matter of public record.

The chief of Anti-Semitic minions has always been a Pope, be he the "Black Pope" of the Jesuits, or the "White Pope" of St.Peter's. The Whore of Revelation is called "the synagogue of Satan" in chapter 2. This "synagogue of Satan" is owned and operated by those who "calleth themselves Jews and are not." The Jews are hated by these usurpers of God's Kingdom because "God's chosen people" have been promised God's eternal blessing in the coming Kingdom that will be established at the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Satan knows this most explicitly and he also knows his time to accomplish the annihilation of the Hebrew people is very "short". The Scriptures tell us clearly that Satan and his last Antichrist [who will be identified absolutely by his act of placing "the abomination that maketh desolate" (an idol of the "Queen of Heaven"/"The Virgin Mary") in the rebuilt temple of Solomon.] will fail in their final attempt to destroy all the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob ("the children of promise.") Still, Satan will devote himself to this hellish effort to the last possible second. The Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, will deliver His people in great glory at the moment of His return, at the Last Trumpet (3.5 years after the Antichrist is revealed by his defiant act in the rebuilt temple.)

Is it possible we are seeing history "repeat itself"? "The Great Harlot of Revelation" has been given "a space to repent" by God, and "she has not". This is the declaration of the Lord Jesus Christ in Revelation chapter 2. Her "moto" has been for centuries...Semper Eadem (never changing/always the same). The heart of the Great Harlot will never change and she is consigned to utter fiery destruction in the prophetic scriptures (Rev.18). This is NOT America, but the Harlot Rome (a city called "Babylon" or "confusion", that is the seat of Babylonian worship today) and her children (those who are seated at her table of spiritual whoredom, "ecumenism" and "world religious unity"...those yoked with her in spiritual fellowship). Has not this abominable program of "world religious unity" been furthered "exponentially" by the events in N.Y. City last month?

The Great Harlot is the same today as she was in Nero's day. Nero burned Rome and blamed it on the Christians. This fired the flame of "religious bigotry" in that day and a most horrible persecution resulted upon the Christian communities in Roman territories. Ignorance of history can be very tragic indeed, may we remember and never forget.

The Vatican has lusted after Jerusalem for many centuries, but by the grace of God she has been withheld from ever achieving a control of "the holy city" that was able to be maintained at length. Rome is about to accomplish her Satanic goal in regard to Jerusalem, but her "victory" will be short-lived indeed.

One of the clearly stated goals of the Jesuit Order from it's earliest days (in addition to the annihilation of all Protestants on the face of the globe) is to achieve the rule of a Jesuit appointed Pope over the world (securing "temporal power"). This "Last Pope" is to rule the world from JERUSALEM and reign from a throne in Solomon's rebuilt temple. (this is to be the ascendancy of Lucifer to the throne of the world). The god of the Jesuits (who have established the worship of the "Queen of Heaven" now called the "Virgin Mary") is well known to be Lucifer. This is also the god of the Masons and Satanists. The Bible clearly reveals that the last Antichrist will be indwelled by Satan. The Bible has always been a most hated thing by the Black Pope and the Vatican. There was a death sentence that accompanied possession of God's most Blessed Book in the days of past inquisitions. Who has benefited from hiding these things from America?

If the Jesuits (who were behind the assassination of Lincoln, McKinley, and JFK) are able to turn the world against Israel (and they are about to turn America against her as I am writing this on 10-05-01), the Great Harlot will be only a step away from completing the last Holocaust (of both Christians and Jews) she has long lusted after. If the WTC Terrorism can be made to look like an Israeli plot to bring America into a war against her enemies, the Great Harlot will have used her "terrorism" to serve her purpose most masterfully (yet again).

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!!

May God Bless You in the Days ahead!!

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