Greetings. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all and keep you ever steadfast in the faith.

In reviewing the information concerning the Nephilim hybrid teaching the mystery of how this doctrine came to be and why it is that such is being so widely promoted became somewhat apparent and so I will present a brief overview of the situation.

As men began to populate the earth after the flood, and lose touch with the truth as preached by Noah, mankind descended again into darkness and so became hostile toward the Lord and His ways. Alternate explanations concerning the flood began to arise as demons sought to obscure that history and direct man into worshipping them as gods. In order to make that possible man would have to be deceived into believing a number of falsehoods, namely; that they (the demons) were originally responsible for teaching man science and that they were able to produce supermen that ought be considered mankind's true leaders. At the same time those truths that could hardly be erased from memory; the flood itself, and Noah, and the reason for the destruction of man, would have to be morphed to fit into a different framework so that the fallen angels, or some of them anyway, could be alluded to as being the liberators and protectors of man; which would amount to picturing the Lord as being somehow aloof and unconcerned as regards man's welfare. From there it would be rather simple to portray the Lord as having had the wrong motives in destroying most of mankind by way of a flood. (IE. That man could become transformed by knowledge into a god and so challenge the Lord's sovereignty.)

If the leaders of the wickedness prior to the flood could somehow be made out to look like heroes, perhaps even gods, then their evil ways could be passed off as being the proper way to go. From there it would be a piece of cake to brew up a religion with the devils themselves being installed as gods in the heavens, with men claiming descent from those gods, with certain elite men as chosen by those gods becoming priestly mediators. Under this scheme of things demon possessed men would become 'shaman' lords who then in turn would direct the people to worship those false demon gods in sky. By further enticing man with the old lie that Satan used to deceive Eve, namely; "Ye shall be as gods." a form of false salvation could be incorporated into the religion as well. The sun, the moon, the stars, and even the earth itself could be used as illustrative representations of their false gods and so the inner worship would also have an outward form that could be used to teach the people.

In order for this scheme to work Adam, Enoch, and Noah, etc., would have to be installed also as gods so that the truth that was commonly known could somehow be twisted and blended into the false religion itself. Adam as fallen could be presented as being the ideal prototype man, Enoch could become an example of a man that became a god (or angel), while Noah would become the man-god from the sea that taught men the secrets of the old world. And so the early Babylonian religion came into being with devils being worshipped as gods, a royal class set up that claimed descent from those gods, and a priesthood of shamans who served to instruct the people as regards religion and science while serving as spokesmen for the gods themselves. Of course they had a major problem: There were still real men of God who knew the truth, and then there were those pesky prophets that the Lord kept sending to warn man to put away that wickedness and return to serve the Lord rather than continuing on to their destruction while following after those false gods.

Man however being dead in sin would slide back into the darkness again and again as the demon spirits fought desperately to maintain control over civilization, and so alas the predominating world view would therefore be based upon the concept that there were many gods in the heavens that were upholding a royal class of rulers upon the earth, with the shaman priests acting as mediators for the people before those gods, while at the same time acting as scholars in regard to both science and religion.

In Daniel's time we see where the Lord humiliated those so called priests and scholars of Babylon who still persisted in following their wicked ways regardless. Those men among the Jews who were not faithful to the Lord, and hoping to gain favour with the establishment would have been busy creating a syncretistic religion that would combine the pseudo-science of that day with the biblical record so that such could be aligned with the common world view held by the Babylonians. By introducing the concept of fallen angels having produced children, which thereby had become the heroes of old, those men who in many cases may have been considered priests and scribes among the Israelite people, would be able to play a balancing act whereby they could be seen as faithful scholars who had a profound understanding of scripture while at the same time appear to be supportive of the angel-man doctrine of the Babylonians, which doctrine played a critical and prominent role in upholding their pagan religion.

Furthermore those men who had departed from the Lord altogether, having become shamans after the fashion of the Babylonian priesthood, though continuing to outwardly present themselves as being men of God, while serving up various forms of mysticism (IE. Kabalism) as if such were derived from the scriptures could seduce the people in under their enchantments, while offering them superstitious replacements for the truth. Talismans to protect the people from evil spirits, ($$$) acting as special chosen agents of God able to get the dead released from Gehenna, ($$$) (Yes that's where the Catholic Church got the idea whereby their priests pretended that they were able to lesson the time that Catholics spent in purgatory.) and pretending to communicate with the dead (necromancy) while making such appear to be part of their elite priestly duties. Sometimes these men were so overcome by the evil spirits that they tried to control (wizardry) that they even imagined themselves to be the promised Messiah and then even more demonic trickery was used as they set about to attract large followings.

Mystical writings as well would have been brought in that would have been used to back those spurious interpretations of the Holy scriptures which had been brewed up in order to support the Babylonian paradigm. The problem there is that the true priests of the Lord would have rejected those works as being spurious and I suspect that many false prophets were put to death for having tried to bring in as scripture those false writings that they had actually concocted through psychic channelling while they were under the influence of devils. Those bogus communiques therefore would have had much difficulty surviving, except of course among those cult groups that had broken away from mainline Judaism, (EG. The Gnostic Essenes.) and so it is to be expected that those writings would only be introduced, or reintroduced, among the Israelite community at large, secretly for the most part; while only becoming popular among the people during times of apostasy.

All the while another insidious scheme was being hatched by Satan, to try and make it appear that man was planted on the earth by advanced ET beings from the heavens. (Plenty of artifacts from the Babylonian star-god religion that could be used to bolster that view.) Evolution's false pseudo-scientific doctrines, and especially its primordial soup theory, which must also allow for the possibility of ET life forms in order to be at all consistent, being installed as true science and foisted upon the masses in the name of education. Through demonic trickery UFO's and strange beings appeared (demons playing the part of extraterrestrial beings) to provide additional backing. People in trances seemingly being transported by ET's due to profound demonic imagery being seared onto their minds to thereby totally engage their imaginations to the point that they became bogus evangelists spreading propaganda for the new order of star-gods.

Strange craft appearing from time to time. (PS. The NWO have created airships able to mimic in part the classic UFO phenomena.) Government and military officials seduced into creating elaborate UFO hoaxes as part of a psychological warfare program to fool their enemies into thinking that they perhaps had obtained some highly advanced technology. Cults popping up everywhere based on various 'the ET's are here' themes. Strange cryptic crop circles and myriad bogus archaeological theories were also presented in order to keep the people both interested yet at the same time mystified and confused. Etc..

By saturating the media with programming to slowly impress upon the imaginations of men a world view that allows for ET participation in the affairs of man a good segment of the world's population could be easily seduced into accepting; at face value, an elaborate 'the ET's have landed' hoax that could be used to help propel the world speedily into a global 'Federation' and so the NWO will have duped its way into power while at the same shaking or destroying the faith of many as pertains to the truth of God's word.

Here below I will examine the so called scriptural support for the doctrine of angel-man hybridism.

Genesis 6: 1-4

1 And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,

2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

The term 'sons of God' is replaced by 'fallen angels' as if the Holy Spirit had chosen to obscure the truth by referring to them as being God's children rather than just say 'fallen angel'.

3 And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.

Notice that there is no mention at all here of any fallen angels having corrupted man by way of their sexual escapades which is something that could not possibly be overlooked as if such was some kind of non issue.

4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

The Nephilim (giants) were there before the sons of God had children and so giantism wouldn't indicate anything as regards angels having sex even if you consider those sons of God to be 'fallen angels' because such giants (Nephilim) existed prior to those sons of God having taken wives. We are told that the children of the sons of God became mighty men, men of renown, while there is no mention at all here concerning their being half angel and half man; something that would be plainly stated if such were actually the case. Nothing is said about those children having any supernatural abilities. And there is not even a hint given anywhere in the scriptures to indicate that those giants (Nephilim) or their children had any angel-like abilities. So we see that there is really no supportive evidence for that hybridism doctrine to be found in these passages. There is not even a single verse anywhere in scripture where any man is said to have had an angel for a father. Neither is there any genealogy record whereby those alleged sons of Satan, according to the flesh, could be identified as such. It would have been one very wild old dating game back then because how would women know who was who so as to avoid marrying a part-devil creature? That would have made it rather difficult to maintain the so called genetic purity needed in order to preserve a line by which to bring God's Son into the world.

Problem: All men were spiritually polluted by sin yet the Lord still came into the world. Was Mary chosen of the Lord because she was sinless or was exceptionally pure as regards genetics? Strange in that the prohibition that the Lord gave in regards to His people marrying pagans was based on the fact that such would lead His people astray. He never mentioned purity in regards to breeding as being a factor. It is often said the use of the word 'tamiym' (perfect) in reference to Noah meant that he was genetically pure; however when the word is used in regards to fleshly perfection, usually in regard to sacrifices, it is never used in the sense that only special stock is to be employed; it only refers to animals that have not been maimed or have obvious defects in them. There is absolutely no basis at all for suggesting that breeding was a factor in those sacrifices being esteemed 'perfect'. Never once did the Lord say that only a certain breed of dove, or lamb, was to be used. The context in which 'tamiym' is used in reference to Noah suggests moral perfection in any case. Men of every manner of infirmity and genetic disorder are being saved so how does that accord with that alleged 'genetic purity' doctrine?

So far there are more gaps in this theory than are perhaps found in the genealogical record as pertains to evolution. But we are not quite finished yet. Here is the second of the three sets of scripture passages commonly used to support 'fallen angel and man' hybridism.

2 Peter 2: 4-6

4 For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment;

There is no mention above that the sin of those angels was sex. So there is actually no support for the hybridism doctrine to be found there at all. The word 'hell' is translated from the original word 'Tartarus' which means simply that they were bound in the very depths of darkness. The word is also used in Greek mythology where it means, 'the dark abode of woe, the pit of darkness in the unseen world' which is derived from the Babylonian concept of the underworld where the most wicked of spirits were believed to have dwelt. Jesus stated that He was in Heaven while He was standing on the earth; so why can't Satan be in the very depths of darkness while he is also upon the earth? Every fallen angel, including Satan, is bound up and chained by darkness and dwells in a pit of gloom. That is why the demons pleaded with Jesus to allow them to go into the pigs rather than their being cut off from this world altogether. (Notice that their reprieve didn't last long because the pigs ran directly into the sea and were drowned.) Whenever I run into a nasty spirit I usually ask the Lord to toss it down into the spiritual pit where it properly belongs. Notice it says chains of darkness and not chains of iron like unto those used to imprison Satan during the thousand year Millennium. And note that Satan was not only chained with iron chains, and with a seal placed upon him in order to keep him in that pit; but that the angel of God also had the key to the pit itself. Rev. 20: 1-3 How's that for security?

5 And spared not the old world, but saved Noah the eighth person, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly;

6 And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha into ashes condemned them with an overthrow, making them an ensample unto those that after should live ungodly;

Note the order above namely 'angels who sinned' being cast down to hell and then later the people of 'Sodom and Gomorrha'.

Now finally the last section of scripture that is misinterpreted in favour of this doctrine.


5 I will therefore put you in remembrance, though ye once knew this, how that the Lord, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed them that believed not.

6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.

Here we are told that the angels who failed to remain true to the Lord are reserved under chains of darkness. There is no mention of any sexual sin as regards to those angels. Would faithful angels having witnessed Satan's fall from heaven be so forgetful that they would have left heaven anyway to come to earth because they found women so enchanting that they just couldn't help themselves? As for the words as found in the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ concerning the one third part of angels being drawn down with Satan take note that such happened before Jesus came into the world (Rev. 12:4a) which destroys the doctrine concerning that event being something that takes place in the future.

7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

Here the same order is found that Peter used in his warning as regards wickedness, namely that the angels were previously cast down for their rebellion just as those wicked people of Sodom and Gomorrha were themselves. Note carefully that the term 'in like manner' refers to the cities about Sodom and Gomorrha as being similarly wicked and so that specific term doesn't even point back to the angels in the preceding verse. The term 'in like manner' already has an object namely those surrounding cities. The theme being covered here is one of rebellion against the Lord in any form and that if angels couldn't avoid judgement and neither did those who similarly lived after a wicked manner, then the evil men who are the main topic under consideration wouldn't be able to escape either. In addition the men of Sodom as the name suggests were not primarily known for their going after women which destroys the like manner concept altogether as relates to the fallen angels, who after all, according to the hybridism doctrine obviously preferred women.

Fact: The Babylonians and Persians both believed in a hierarchy of fallen angels that they had given names to. They also believed that those fallen angels taught men science.

Fact: God's word doesn't give a list of angels who rebelled and God's word doesn't teach that fallen angels taught men science.

Fact: After the Jews were exposed to the religions of those people above a teaching was found among them based on questionable writings that mention fallen angels by name and also claimed that they taught men science.

Conclusion: The pseudepigraphical writings used to bolster the Nephilim hybrid teaching are based on mythological beliefs as held to by pagans.

So you see the so called proof for the angel-man hybrid teaching is actually just a clever shell game with some added on smoke and mirrors.

I expect that demons will be manifesting in relation to the 'man of sins' rise to power and most likely posing as aliens. The problem is that many Christians due to the Nephilim belief system may think that they are real flesh and blood modern day angel-man beings when there would actually be nothing human about them. Imagine a Christian telling the people that those creatures are really just demons while other Christians are telling them that they are angel-man beings. Most people would consider the ET explanation to have a sounder base in science (Having bought into evolution.) and so will most likely buy into a 'the ETs have landed' hoax rather than believe in demons and especially the angel-man thing which to them would appear absolutely preposterous. The Christian witness being divided would give the so called scientific view an advantage.

In many respects the theory of evolution has the appearance of having a much stronger case and there we find that various illustrations are used to paint a picture that makes their theory to also appear plausible. However their false teaching contains many errors that reveal that reality has been distorted using numerous illusions with the overall effect of producing a very elaborate hoax. There are many false teachings out there that are based on pure fantasy but are nevertheless dressed up using scripture that has been distorted to fit into the scenario; but upon close examination their so called evidence does not provide any sure proof of anything at all.

There is no definitive statement from scripture to the effect that fallen angels could or did procreate. There is an assumption that giants must be the result of some supernatural intervention; however there are many large creatures upon earth and no one is claiming that they were the result of any such interference. That man could produce a race of extra-large men could be explained by normal breeding based on a belief that big was better. In other words small children would be killed in order to propagate a genetically large sized people. It could very well be that some groups were convinced of devils that their survival was dependent upon religiously adhering to such measures. Devils could have helped that along by inducing hormonal abnormalities.

The Nephilim hybrid doctrine has sub doctrines tacked onto to it that are nothing more than highly imaginative folklore. (IE. That giants become demons when they die.) That pure and obvious folklore part, which doesn't even have a credible distorted passage of scripture in back of it, is used to create two entirely different classes of evil spirit. The process above has the effect of making fallen angels out to be demigods in the heavens with the former designation as demons which properly belongs to them being handed down to a so called part human offspring. The overall effect is to elevate those fallen angels while creating a sub-class to take their place. The truth is that Satan and every one of his hoard of fallen angels are 'demons', and there is no sub class below them. Fallen angels are not only elevated by the dual order based on dead giants becoming demons, but they are further elevated to the status of 'sons of God' making themselves like unto Jesus.

This teaching in fact gives two promotions to the devils; the first being most certainly based on a fantasy while the second is based on a blasphemous claim in that it plainly states that devils can properly be called the children of God. If devils are 'children of God' then every sinner in the world must be also. Here is where violence is done to the truth, because the facts are that fallen angels and unregenerate men are not the children of God, because they are disowned by reason of their wickedness. That teaching contradicts the scriptures which reveal that the wicked are children of the devil and not children of God at all. The doctrine that could consider devils to be children of God; gives the appearance that any man living after a less evil manner, than they, can properly be called a child of God.

It is a fact that ancient cultures worshipped half man and half angel creatures and that such a doctrine is essential to their pagan system of belief. The historical evidence reveals that the doctrine was infused into biblical teaching by way of syncretism as those pagan beliefs were mixed in. Some early teachers among the Jews denounced that business as being of Satan and so that business suffered a serious set back as the doctrines were rejected becoming the property of aberrant sects such as the Essenes. The Essenes were secretly sun worshipers, Gnostics, and behaved very much like a secret society. The new members received an apron just like the Freemasons do, and there were also oaths taken to not reveal the secrets of the cult, one of which was not disclosing the names of their various angels. Cabalism, which is Jewish mysticism, that allows for man to practice the abomination of wizardry under the illusion of being somebody spiritual, has adopted those doctrines and that is why the Freemasons consider Gnostic writings, and especially the book of Enoch, to be so important to them. It was in fact a Freemason, a man of vile nature indeed, James Bruce, who was largely responsible for bringing that particular book back into circulation. When you consider that there is a worldwide move toward occultism is it not suspicious that these works and their associated teachings, that are considered so important to occultists, are being popularized?

There are many doctrines concerning ET creatures being interwoven into the Nephilim hybrid teaching, with role playing games, movies, and books of occult nature that picture Nephilim as being Druid like wizards. In addition movies are being produced whereby women are portrayed as having been raped by evil creatures which lends powerful imaginative visual support to the concept that the hybridism doctrine is true. In addition women on the fringes of the UFO scene are claiming that they were impregnated by aliens who conveniently snatch the children before they can be born by normal means. That's all too convenient because hospital tests and records, which could determine if any of them were in fact pregnant, (demon produced false pregnancy being a likelihood) or if anything was abnormal about their children is missing from the picture. There is no evidence of a single case where this so called phenomena has been verified suggesting that the ETs (Which are actually devils playing at being ETs.) are involved in an ongoing hoax to make many think that there are half man half alien beings out there. So we see that devils are themselves personally perpetrating the myth of hybrid creatures.

If the world can be convinced that man evolved from advanced life forms from the heavens would not Nephilim hybridism have served as a form of pre-conditioning that would allow for easy acceptance of such a view in that such allows for a radical form of crossbreeding? What happens now when the newspapers and TV announce that ET beings have made contact with man and are claiming to be man's ancestors or creators? (These doctrines are being taught and are being taken seriously, I might add.) The Nephilim hybrid teaching would have served in part to indoctrinate many into believing that beings from the heavens had indeed been involved in tampering with man's genetic makeup and so it is not a big stretch to believing that they, the aliens, are man's forefathers. What will the teachers of this doctrine have to say, as people are throwing their bibles into big bonfires, because they have been deceived into believing that they are the product of a superior race from the heavens, and so are discarding God's word as if such were simply, unreliable myths?

The Lord bless you.

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