While it is normal practice for Light of Life Ministries to exclude links to web sites and articles that are set at variance to the truth of God's Holy Word some exceptions are permitted when they nevertheless contain some valuable documentation of interest to Christians. You are hereby cautioned to reject all teaching that conflicts with the doctrine of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Authorized King James Version Bible. Keep in mind that even sincere followers of the Lord Jesus can be misled if they permit religious fads, tradition, and sectarian pressure to block their perception of the truth of God's Word. Though the true saints of God have been intrusted with the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ and are truly members of His Body, the Lord however never appointed the Church to replace Himself or to act as your Saviour. No genuine church of God promotes that kind of foolishness, and so you are hereby warned to depart from any that claim your salvation is somehow dependant on church membership, or some mindless (and/or unconscionable) submission to their authority. (That is one of the primary, 'mind control' pressure tactics used by the cults.) Salvation is a matter of accepting Jesus Christ as your Saviour and continuing in the faith that is revealed in the Holy Bible while rejecting sinful influences and falsehoods that lead back into the darkness and subsequently away from Jesus Christ. Where claims are made regarding spiritual truth the following test can assist in exposing falsehood.

(1) It must agree with God' Word. ( In English, the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments in the Authorized King James Version.)

(2) It cannot add to God's Word. (promoting extra biblical writings, customs, laws, practices, fables or doctrines)

(3) Is it unbalanced, over emphasizing some verses while contradicting or excluding others?

(4) Does it appeal to man's pride and lusts thereby promoting selfishness or some vain elitist attitude?

(5) Does it claim that you must add something to New Testament faith and godliness for salvation?

(6) Does it promote some manmade so called kingdom of God?

(7) Does it promote a reliance on 'self' or 'worldly resources' rather than on Jesus and His Spirit to live a godly life?

(8) Does it attempt to replace Jesus Christ and worship of Him with some 'anointed one', angel, or, 'presence' it claims to be, the 'Holy Spirit'?

(9) Does it promote worship of: false gods, man, idols, the earth, a race, a political ideology, science, government; or, some organization, entity, angel, or person in addition to or instead of Jesus Christ and His Father?

(10) Does it in effect overrule and nullify the Lord's New Testament commandments to His servants by replacing them with some manmade traditions, rituals, requirements, restrictions or standards?

(11) Does it focus exclusively on some issues while tending to overlook truly serious ones? Does it ignore, minimize, or contradict the warnings given of the Lord under the New Testament?

(12) Do they claim to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to have a close walk with Jesus while living like the world and demonstrating little respect for God's Holy Word?

(13) Do they think that the Catholic Church is 'Christian'? (Do they fail to warn people that it is 'anti-christ'?) Do they pretend to be servants of God while promoting and endorsing the Catholic Church? Are they seeking man's approval by being 'politically' or 'ecumenically' correct? Luke 16:15

The Lord reveals to us the real secret of understanding spiritual truth in:
John 8:2

I am the light of the world:
he that followeth me
shall not walk in darkness,
but shall have the light of life.

To follow after Jesus you must first accept Him as your Saviour and intrust your whole self to Him completely; spirit, soul, and body. If you are not willing to commit all in trust unto the Lord Jesus it must be due to Satan's continuing influence in your life. Beware of some so called 'Christian' ministers who in 'reality' are 'dangerous heretics' seeking to replace Jesus Christ and His Word as the spiritual authority in your life.


Because I believe that Jesus Christ has enabled me by His grace to offer some assistance to His Body the Church and to reach out to the lost with His Gospel of redemption I dare not charge anything for that which has been freely intrusted to me. As a former chief sinner saved by God's mercy I am so eternally indebted to Jesus that I will not in any way demean His Gospel by affixing any monetary tag unto such. As a faithful steward (by God's grace alone) I cannot however permit the articles on this site to be subjected to distortions in content, or to be peddled for personal gain. Any man who would leave goods intrusted to him unsecured thereby providing temptation to the wicked to steal, alter, or misuse such, could hardly be considered trustworthy. While copyright protection is normally used to secure the financial interest of the author it also provides a means to prevent adulteration and/or plagiarism of the author's original writings. In order to prevent misuse of the material on this web site all legal copyright interest is retained while licence is granted to make copies with the provision you agree to stop copying and using the material if in the opinion of Light of Life Ministries your use of such violates the intended purpose of this ministry.

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May the Lord Jesus be glorified in you!

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