Statement of Faith for Light of Life Ministries STATEMENT OF FAITH













That Almighty God has preserved His Eternal Word for us. That He did so by means of His true servants the prophets and saints. That the 'only' unadulterated and therefore 'Holy' translation of His Word in English is the Authorized King James Version. That God's Word is His all sufficient revelation of Himself, His ways, and His plan of salvation, and as such is the complete and final authority for all believers.

That there is one God. That He is Holy and exists in three persons: The Almighty Father, Jesus Christ His Son, and the Holy Spirit, and that They are in perfect accord.

That Jesus is the Word of God. That He was there in the beginning before all creation. That He was with God and that He was God. That all things were created by Him and continue to be sustained by Him. That He is the Word made flesh.

That He was conceived of the Holy Spirit and was born of the virgin Mary.

I believe He shed his blood on the cross and died physically on that cross thereby providing the perfect sacrifice to atone for man's sins, so satisfying Divine justice as our substitute, thus permitting His Father to accept us as His own children by way of His Son.

I believe that for three days He preached the Gospel to the departed souls in prison and then arose bodily from the grave showing Himself unto His disciples where He breathed on them and said, "Receive ye the Holy Spirit." That after forty days He ascended bodily into heaven where He now sits on the right hand of His Father.

I believe in salvation through faith in the love and mercy of God that turns us from evil and transforms us into the likeness of His Son Jesus Christ.

I believe that we are called to serve God, and Him only, and that we can only do that by abiding in Jesus Christ.

While no man can hope to earn salvation by good works his works nevertheless reveal whether or not he is abiding in Jesus Christ outside of Whom there is no salvation. That Jesus Christ in His love and mercy toward us continues to cleanse us from sin as we walk in His ways continuing in the faith that is revealed to us by His Word. Since it is only by Jesus' shed blood that we are made Holy our salvation is secured by His completed sacrifice for sin upon the cross and not by any human merit whatsoever.

There is no way to God except through Jesus Christ.

That it is not God's desire that any perish, but that all would repent of their evil and accept His Son as their Saviour and Lord. That God, knowing beforehand who would trust in Him, made provision to transform by His power His adopted children enabling them by His Spirit to bring forth good works through obedience to the Gospel and so be His witnesses upon the earth. I believe that all the original callings of God remain at this day and that all the gifts of the Holy Spirit are still in operation today.

I believe that Hell is a real place and that it is a prison for all those who died in their sins and that they will one day appear before God for judgment to be cast into the Lake of Fire as eternal punishment for their wickedness and having rejected and despised the truth that could have saved them.

I believe that Satan is a fallen angel whose pride and selfish ways have so corrupted mankind that apart from God's intervention to deliver those who trust in Him no one could possibly escape being charged and condemned as Satan's accomplice to share in Satan's eternal punishment in the Lake of Fire.

I believe that Satan has many false teachers in the world that are steering many away from Jesus by replacing the truth with lies. I further believe that corrupted modern bibles are being used as part of this process. I believe that many have already turned away from 'biblical faith' by giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons. I believe that many satanic false gospels and movements exist that contradict God's Word in that they promote unbiblical doctrine, evil behavior, while replacing the Word of God with the traditions of men to thus oppose real godliness that consists of believing and obeying the Word of God.

That it is our responsibility to study the Holy Bible and to depart from evil while rejecting falsehood as being spiritually self destructive.

I believe in a post tribulation resurrection of the just, because that is what Jesus teaches us in Matthew 24. I believe in the glorious bodily return of Jesus, when every eye shall see Him, at the last (7th.) trump as explained in the book of Revelation.

I believe that all who think otherwise are in serious peril of accepting false reports of Jesus' return and/or angelic imposters of Jesus Christ as Satan attempts to overthrow the faith of many prior to the Lord's return. I believe that the kingdom of God is an eternal spiritual realm that will not be manifest on this earth until Jesus returns to imprison Satan and destroy his foolish and corrupt kingdoms of men.

 2 CHR. 7:14